Podcast: The Age Barriers to Work Discussion Paper | ALRC

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Sabina Wynn (SW): Hello. I’m Sabina Wynn, Executive Director of the ALRC, and I’m here with Rosalind Croucher, President of the ALRC, discussing some of the issues that have been raised in our Discussion Paper for the Age Barriers to Work inquiry. So, “age barriers to work” – what does this really mean?

Rosalind Croucher (RC): We’re looking at a range of things that might be barriers. Basically three things. First of all, you might be in work and want to keep working – so what would help you stay? Secondly, you may be out of work but want to work – so what would help you get there. And thirdly, you may be nearing retirement – what are the things that are pulling you out of paid work? It means of all those things…………………..

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